Your Total Event Apps Solution

Confui is a total Event App solution suitable for:

  • Large conferences with multiple streams
  • Conferences with similar programs held across multiple locations
  • Trade expos with exhibitors at one or many venues

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Publish To Your Website And Event App In One Go

Confui’s easy-to-use publishing system allows you to publish to your event website and event app in one hit saving you real time and money. And if you’re planning to build a new event website for a conference, tradeshow or convention, why not start with Confui, and use our seamless websync technology to publish content to your website from day one. When you’re ready, release your Confui event app to the Play and iTunes stores.

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It Starts With Your Brand

A brand is your event identity. It builds visual recognition and trust with your audience. Why compromise your brand when you can feature it front and center? Confui lets you:

  • Use your own custom icon that sits on the phone’s home screen.
  • Use your own custom entry “splash” screen.
  • Use your own custom event app header image.
  • Chose your event’s primary event color.

No complex designers or themes. Just simple choices to make branding your event app super easy.

A Visual Program That Fits In Your Pocket

Many adults already own a smartphone so why not give them a event app instead? Confui delivers a visual design that we know delegates love. Our event app features:

  • Easy 1-tap navigation that’s a joy to use.
  • Visual and engaging interface that’s easy understand.
  • Fast and responsive event app that delegates will use.
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Getting Realtime Feedback Is Easy

There are a lot more exciting things you could do than to collect paper surveys and manually enter feedback forms into a database or spreadsheet. Use a Confui Event App and we’ll help you:

  • Get your delegates to easily rate sessions via the Confui Event App.
  • Collect ratings at the exit of various sessions.
  • Include an online survey link which delegates can complete within the event app.

No spreadsheets. No paper cuts. Just a simple tool so you can find out which sessions fared well to prepare for next year. Getting feedback couldn’t be easier.

Need To Feature Sponsors and Exhibitors? We’ve Got You Covered

Why print sponsors and exhibitors when you can provide it via the event app? With Confui, you can now:

  • Let delegates conveniently search for an exhibitor.
  • Easily make last minute changes to accommodate new sponsors and exhibition changes.
  • Offer sponsors and exhibitors unique promotional opportunities.

In-app Advertising

An Event App is the perfect way to promote anything to your delegates. You can:

  • Offer it exclusively to your Event Mobile App Sponsor.
  • Promote other associated events, trade shows and conferences.
  • Offer it to promote a local business offer (e.g. restaurant) to delegates.
  • Offer special placement to sponsors and exhibitors who want to feature prominently in the app.

And More…

We've Got Your Event Covered.

First Class Twitter Support

Let delegates use the premiere social network that was made for events.

Venue and Maps

We publish pin-point accurate venue locations so you could hold your event in a national park and your guests would still find it! Provide the directions and maps that your delegates need.

All Day Classes?

We let you create any all-day session (e.g. workshops, masterclasses). You can even direct delegates where to register.

Post Notices On A Schedule

We let you buffer up notices that you can post for delegates to discover new things. Got a last minute announcement? Post a notice to let them know.

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