Confui for Agile Australia 2013

Delivering A Conference App Delegates Love.

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  • Location: Sydney, Hilton
  • 850 delegates
  • 4 concurrent streams
  • 6 workshops
  • 50 speakers

Confui Delivered

  • Submitted to App Stores in 2 days
  • 65%+ of users engaged with the event app
  • More than half launched the app more than 16 times in a day
  • More than half used the event app beyond the conference dates between 3-9+ days (conference ran for 2 days)


Confui supplied the conference mobile app for Agile Australia 2013: Australia’s premier event on Agile Software Development. This event brought together 850 delegates across Australia and international visitors from around the world sharing great ideas on Agile Software Development.

The app was built and submitted to the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store within 2 days of engagement. The conference app was received with much delight with many delegates loving the convenience to be able to plan out their day, navigate the conference programme and staying in touch with conference tweets – all without the need of a printed program.


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“Confui gave us a very intuitive app which was both functional and visually appealing. Delegates could actually use the app easily. Confui allowed us to collect feedback from delegates, and supported multiple streams which was critical for us.

When we run with the app in future, we’d definitely look into the website integration feature it has the potential to change the way we display information on the website and the printed material which we distribute to delegates.”

Vanessa Quake, SlatteryIT,
Agile Australia Conference and Event Manager

The Conference

The Agile Australia Conference is a major annual conference on the Australian Agile calendar and has become the premier event for businesses interested in agile development and how to apply it to software and other areas of business. Now in it’s 4th year, the conference was hosted in Sydney and ran from the 19th – 20th June. In this year, the event attracted 850 delegates, 50 speakers and 9 sponsors and was structured into a 4 track conference with 6 pre-conference workshops.



Slattery IT (the conference owners and organisers) had tried a number of other conference app solutions in previous years for Agile Australia. This included leading off-the-shelf solutions and sponsor-lead initiatives.

However, as a high profile tech-orientated conference, it was important for SlatteryIT that the conference app would be well-received by delegates and speakers, many of whom work with software products and would themselves be a highly critical and demanding audience! Based on their experience with previous years and conference apps, SlatteryIT knew that they had to choose an app that had to be robust and must deal with 800+ delegates, and cope with limited and sporadic internet access as is common in many venues as delegates compete for available bandwidth. SlatteryIT also wanted an app that was elegant, and that had an attractive and visually engaging. The search was on for a mobile solution for the 2013 year, but time was fast running out.

Traditionally, SlatteryIT offered a mobile app sponsorship package. Being an IT conference, sponsors in the past have offered to build a conference app as part of their sponsorship contribution for the conference. In exchange, the sponsor would be featured prominently in the app. It was now 2 months to the conference and there was no conference app solution in sight.

Enter Confui Conference App Solution

Upon recommendation by the YOW Conference Organisers, SlatteryIT took the plunge with Confui and within 2 days of engagement, Confui was able to submit 2 native conference apps to the Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores.

Given the short lead times, and the approval times required to get through the Apple App Stores, it was important to submit these apps as fast as possible, otherwise there would be a risk that there might not be a conference app at all. Within a week, the conference apps were available on the Apple and Google app stores and Confui was even able to make enhancements and submit time in time for the conference.

Confui Delivered

A great visual conference app that users found easy to use

Having a conference app that was easy to use and convenient meant that delegates would actually use the application. Unless the conference app was categorically better than paper, it would be hard to justify a reduction in printing efforts and costs.

Confui usage stats show that more than half of all users would launch the app at least 16 times in a day whilst the conference is going, and for some, even more. Usage statistics also indicate more than half would use the conference app beyond the conference dates – both before and after the conference.

Some delegates even tweeted that they “Loved the iPhone app” and they found it a “great improvement on last year”. Others commented that:

“It was great not having to refer to the printed program – the ease of accessing up-to-date data on the device was fantastic”.

A Conference App With Great Twitter Integration

Confui’s conference apps feature an easy to access conference tweet feed. This was a great convenience for many delegates. It enables delegates to quickly see what’s happening and to participate in the buzz of a conference. Confui’s also enabled delegates to post photos with their tweets, and to present these photos right in the conference tweet stream.

This allowed one delegate to share the following via the Confui conference app:
Agile Australia Twitter Post With Confui

Many delegates shared photos and quotes that they had heard, making it even possible for other Twitter users to participate, even ones that weren’t physically present.

A Conference Content Management System That Was Easy To Use

With the support of Confui staff, SlatteryIT was able to take control and manage their own conference content. The interface was designed to make it easy for non-technical organisers to manage their conference content. “The UI was very easy to use, if not, too easy” said Vanessa Quake, Agile Australia’s Event Coordinator who was responsible for entering and maintaining content for the mobile app.

Building a interface to make it simpler for event planners to use would make delegation easier, letting others maintain the content and even apply simple content changes without any training.

The Power To Make Last Minute Changes

As the conference started, there was plans to organise an outdoor social event with delegates the following morning. Unfortunately, the weather turned sour, and the message had to get out there to tell delegates that the social event was cancelled.

Confui gave Vanessa the ability to post a notice and make any last minute adjustments with very little effort. She simply connected to the internet, logged in to Confui and posted a new news notice. Delegates were informed of the cancellation. No need to organise last minute emails and SMSs.

Key Lessons

Having experienced the Confui solution, SlatteryIT recognised the benefits that a great conference app would have for its conferences. Some key take aways for next year:

  • Having the ability to make last minute changes was fantastic
  • Confui’s conference website integration would make conference updates even easier next year
  • Delegate’s like Confui’s conference app design and will use it, making it viable to reduce printing costs and effort for next year