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Event Planners: 5 Reasons Why Hashtags Are Important For Your Events

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Got Hash Tag?

Is an event hashtag something you typically think of early or late in your event planning process? If you’re in the habit doing it two weeks before an event, you might want to think again.

Studies have shown that Tweets with a hashtag get 2x the engagement than those which don’t. So why miss out on helping delegates engage with your conference or event brand and leave it till the last minute? Given today’s marketing is heading towards the direction of being socially driven, it’s probably a good time to reconsider and spend some time at the start to get the hashtag right.

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Start Promoting Your Twitter Hashtag Before Your Conference In 5 Steps

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Rémi Beaupré, Meme Snippets, 2012

So, you’re already using Twitter and you’re wondering how you can best tell your delegates who might not be familiar with Twitter, hashtags and social media. Here’s a quick idea that can not only help you get the message out, but also track how well you’re going, which will give you feedback to help understand whether or not your delegates are keen on social media.

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(c) MarcDubois. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nono_marius/7813829514/sizes/z/in/photostream/

Eventprofs: Step-by-step guide on using Google Analytics to get on top of broken links

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We’ve all faced it before, the dreaded 404 page, “woops – the link you provided points nowhere”. Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep track of all the links, particularly when you use a link shortening service. When a link looks like:


It’s hard to really know whether it’s pointing to a valid URL on your website. This is especially problematic if you might have changed the permalink on your article because you’re tuning for SEO keywords. Or if you’re working in or with a team of Virtual Assistants, where you’re responsible for content promotion and somebody else is responsible for content production, they might have sent you a bad link.

Would it be nice if you got an alert when that occurred? And from that, found out what URL and what source it came from so you can track it down to fix it?

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Image by Jeff Turner (http://www.flickr.com/photos/respres/). http://www.flickr.com/photos/respres/3231178720/sizes/z/in/photolist-5VwCRW-5Weiy6-5XW7XZ-61gnsk-64bUxC-65Hcmv-66Gp3z-67kvt6-68mZvD-692uaB-6986AJ-6aKyLM-6bqQ4Y-6bL1Fa-6cnYoz-6cH2Vz-6dcujQ-6g1Kkc-6mpmCB-6mpo2T-6mtyEw-6nLBhu-6nQbKV-6rdmKH-6xFd4B-6yvmkc-6yERXU-6yNCXa-6z4dEy-6zHopu-6Bxfdw-6GPsZw-6Lb4yf-6Nuj9w-6NM2tt-6SAs7o-6TaS6s-6Z4U74-717UrA-77tGTe-7aXhjJ-7dFx8o-7heFbz-7i765k-7tmSog-7Tz7u1-estP63-a1rq1p-8BeuqR-bKUVDn-fg5gQD/

Event Planning Tips: 10 Mistakes To Avoid For Event Planners New To Twitter

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If you’re an Event Planner and you’re new to Twitter, then welcome! And if you’re a user of Twitter, but not sure where to start, then we’ve collected 10 common Twitter mistakes that we’ve seen as a set of event planning tips so you won’t look so “green” on a great social network that’s great for events and promotion.

The Rise Of Twitter

Twitter has been around since 2006 and has come a long way since. Latest reports place the total number of users at 554 million. And now, it would seem that the days of the fail whale are over as the service keeps up with the recent US presidential election.

With the rise in popularity of the service, Twitter is now a social network you can’t ignore. It’s a great way for people to share their thoughts, insights and moments – all condensed into 140 characters. This character limit is one of Twitter’s attractions, as bite sized posts are easy to produce and share. And as with all things, it’s good to know some common mistakes to avoid so you won’t embarrass yourself or your brand.

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Successful Event App Promotion Ideas For Event Planners

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In a EventIndustryNews.co.uk article written earlier this year, guest author Natalie Beaver from EXP writes about her research into mobile app usage at events. In it, she describes an experiment to measure how delegates adopted the event app for a given event. The experiment comprised of a voucher offered to delegates but it required delegates to download and use the and claim the voucher and finally redeem it for a free product.

To understand adoption rates, she measured:

  1. Downloads of the app
  2. % of those claiming a free voucher
  3. % of those redeeming the free product
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Why No Event Planner Should Ignore The Power of Social Media

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If you are an event planner using conference mobile apps, you already probably know that social media is important to promotion of almost any event, product or service these days and will only become more important.   Professional conference and event planners are networkers by profession, and are often highly social in nature outside of work too.  But the extent to which conference planners use social media to promote their conferences before, during and after varies widely between planners.

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