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Multi-event apps have arrived

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At Confui we are always looking for ways to make organizing events quicker, easier and more cost effective.  This is why we’ve been busy working on multi-event support for Confui apps.

With Confui multi-event apps you can now plan, promote and publish all your events to a single Confui mobile app.

Advantages of Multi-event Apps

1 – Promote your future events

Multi-event introduces the concept of Event Listings.  A listing contains basic information about your upcoming events such as:  title, description, locations, dates, registration/website links and image.

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5 Ways To Use Event Apps When The Budgets Get Tight

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According to an article published on eventmagazine.co.uk, it headlines:

Bellwether: Event marketing budgets drop 1.1% in Q3

Looking at that, you might think the event’s industry is going through a tough period. With global economic uncertainty in the wind, and the US Government getting out of shutdown, many event planners will be looking for ways to trim their event budgets and avoid unnecessary spend. But if you’re thinking of axing an event app, you might be heading down the wrong path. Here’s why.

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Event Planners Beware: My Sponsor Wants to Build My Event App

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If you’re a Windows user, you would probably be familiar with the now infamous “Blue Screen of Death” or BSOD. This screen has appeared and caused many-a-heartache for PC users near and far, causing untold hours of lost work, wasted as a PC immediately halts and tells you there is a problem.

And because PCs are everywhere, and used in so many ways you a BSOD might appear in the most unexpected of places, such as on an airline checkin screen:
Blue screen of death :)

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Event Planners: The Majority Of Adults Own A Smart Phone (And More Great Reasons To Get Your Events Mobile!)

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Tablet and smartphone use doubled from 2012 to 2013 and by 2015 global smartphone users will exceed 2 billion. Do you still need more evidence as an event planner to convince you to go with mobile event apps? Well, here it comes.

dan + jo at work
  • 96% of adult Americans now have a smartphone – and countries like Australia, the UK, and Singapore are on a par or ahead of this figure already
  • 90% of smartphone users use the internet on the device daily
  • 68% of smartphone users use the device for product searches
  • 42% purchased products or services on their smartphone
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