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Multi-event apps have arrived

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At Confui we are always looking for ways to make organizing events quicker, easier and more cost effective.  This is why we’ve been busy working on multi-event support for Confui apps.

With Confui multi-event apps you can now plan, promote and publish all your events to a single Confui mobile app.

Advantages of Multi-event Apps

1 – Promote your future events

Multi-event introduces the concept of Event Listings.  A listing contains basic information about your upcoming events such as:  title, description, locations, dates, registration/website links and image.

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Great Event App Design: Color Use

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Remember this?

For some of us, the above is a screenshot from one of the system dialogs from Windows 95. It is the color scheme chooser and customiser which allowed the user total freedom to choose any color they desired. You could make your dialogs green, orange and your scroll bars purple and pink. And often lead to screens looking like this:

Windows Hot Dog Stand Color Scheme - care of CodingHorror

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How to Make Your Event More Environmentally Sustainable Using Event Apps

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Improving environmental sustainability and reducing event carbon footprints are increasingly important issues for event planners.  Even if we do not agree that climate change results from human activities, we do agree that reducing consumption of natural resources and emitting fewer pollutants is definitely a good thing!

Green Carbon Footprint

Large events are tough on the environment.   For example, we might travel to a conference, usually by plane, and then once there we consume energy for heating and cooling of venues, we eat and drink at the event lunches and dinners, and generally have a good time at the environment’s expense.

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