Multi-event apps have arrived


At Confui we are always looking for ways to make organizing events quicker, easier and more cost effective.  This is why we’ve been busy working on multi-event support for Confui apps.

With Confui multi-event apps you can now plan, promote and publish all your events to a single Confui mobile app.

Advantages of Multi-event Apps

1 – Promote your future events

Multi-event introduces the concept of Event Listings.  A listing contains basic information about your upcoming events such as:  title, description, locations, dates, registration/website links and image.

Event listings can be added to an existing Confui multi-event app at no cost and appear in the app the next time a user opens it on their mobile device.

Each of your listed events is immediately available to be viewed by a highly targeted audience, i.e. everyone one who has installed your app for past or current events.

You choose when to turn a listed event into a full event with a schedule, sponsors, etc. that attendees can access and whether it is a public or private event. You only pay for full events using Confui.

2 – Reduced cost and time to market

Having a single app for multiple events saves you time and money. This is due to the overhead associated with preparing, submitting and publishing apps to the Apple iOS and Google Android app stores.

So rather than publishing a new app to the app stores for each new event, a multi-event app is only published once with each new event being added via the Confui Web Console.

Confui MultiEvent App Design

3 – Multi-event equals Multi-branding

Have separate branding for your company and for each event in a single app.

With Confui multi-event, each event still gets to have its own branding, look and feel.  This is separate to the company branding that appears as the app is launched and event listings are browsed.

We did this so that companies that manage multiple events (e.g. PCOs, large corporates) can promote their brand to past, current and future attendees of their events.

4 – Many hands makes light work

Customers of Confui multi-event apps have the ability to ‘invite’ others to use the Confui web-based management console to administer the content for their events.

This means that you can delegate event content administration to others to save time or reduce key person bottle necks.

See for yourself

In the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing an updated YOW Confui app. It is an upgraded app and allows YOW to run multiple events via the one app! So for all YOW related event information, delegates can now go to the one app.

Download it here:

Common Questions

How can I get a Confui multi-event app?

Contact us and we can arrange for your next app to be a multi-event app.

Can I upgrade one of my existing Confui apps to be multi-event?

Absolutely. We design our apps to be upgrade-able. So Contact us and we can arrange for your app to be upgraded and republished.

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