5 Tech Trends in Event Planning

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Jason Nah – We were privileged to catch a bit of CIO Summit last week and will be putting together a series of posts to help explain some of the key tech developments that will be shaping the events industry. Starting today, we kick off the series by looking at the 4 key IT trends that will shape business, and consequently the events industry. Follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.

We know that technology is disrupting the conference and event planning space. Delegates expect better technology to support them finding, registering for and engaging with events before, after and during. Event planners are using more technology to promote and manage events.

We’ve talked about how mobility and smartphones elsewhere, but you can see how they tie into most of the tech trends below.

1. Death of print

This one is kind of obvious, but we still print, print, print even though we know it’s bad for us and the environment, but because we think our delegates and guests expect it. Stop doing it (offer them a mobile app) and they’ll stop expecting it!

Printing press at villa d'Este

As more and more delegates use mobile, the demand for print will decrease. It will save you and your delegates money.

2. Social augmentation of events

Scott Klososky (via Jeff Hurst) refers to this concept as having seven stages, including pre-event marketing and networking, sponsorshop support, event networking at the event, presentation delivery, content distribution and post event followup.

social media, social networking, social computing tag cloud (#3)

As event planners and organisers we already do many of these things but probably not in an integrated and planned out way. You can easily imagine how you could use social networking tools like Twitter and social media tools like YouTube to assist.

3. Deep analytics

So, metrics are all the rage, particularly in web and mobile technology, but smart event planners know they must define their indicators of success, develop ways to measure them, track the results and use them to improve their events for next time.

Deep insight

Websites and mobile event apps give us some idea of some of this – how many paid, registered, attended, download and use an app, what they did with it. Expect this trend to continue to push into the space of better understanding the behaviour of your delegates, what they thought, how they behave, and what events they will be interested in attending in the future.

4. Integration of ticketing, registration and mobile

Just like printed programs tickets are on the way out. we know that we can register and pay for events online, and then using technologies like PassBook can present digital tickets on our mobile devices.

Grateful Dead ticket for June 20, 1988

This trend will continue – expect to see more integration of online registration systems with mobile apps, eventually meaning that we’ll be able to find events, register/pay, then have access granted to the event using our smartphones.

5. A consolidation of ownership of event technologies

Related to the above trend, we think you are like to see a consolidation of the ownership of apps in the event space. Up til now we’ve seen a proliferation of event apps over the last 3-4 years, including apps aimed at conference and expositions.

Digital DNA

We are currently a state of churn or “disruptive innovation” – lots of new players and new technologies introducing new ideas and competing, succeeding and failing in the event technology space. We’ve already seen some of the big players swallowing the smaller players in the field – this doesn’t mean smaller players can’t compete, but it does mean they have to be smarter and offer better and newer features in a more agile way.

Tech trends for event planners

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