Multi-event apps have arrived

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At Confui we are always looking for ways to make organizing events quicker, easier and more cost effective.  This is why we’ve been busy working on multi-event support for Confui apps.

With Confui multi-event apps you can now plan, promote and publish all your events to a single Confui mobile app.

Advantages of Multi-event Apps

1 – Promote your future events

Multi-event introduces the concept of Event Listings.  A listing contains basic information about your upcoming events such as:  title, description, locations, dates, registration/website links and image.

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4 Big Tech Trends Event Planners Should Be Aware Of – Part 2

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4 IT Trends Event Planners Should Know About

In my last post, I walked through two key tech trends that Frank Genz highlighted in his “3rd Platform” presentation at CIO Summit.

In case you missed it, there are 4 key tech trends that CIOs worldwide are now positioning their companies to take advantage of, namely:

  1. Mobile Technologies
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Big Data
  4. Social Technologies

Today’s post is the our second part of a two part series highlighting what I think these trends mean for the events industry. We plot out what these trends are, and tell you what advantages that they will offer to you as an Events Planner.

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5 Ways To Use Event Apps When The Budgets Get Tight

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According to an article published on, it headlines:

Bellwether: Event marketing budgets drop 1.1% in Q3

Looking at that, you might think the event’s industry is going through a tough period. With global economic uncertainty in the wind, and the US Government getting out of shutdown, many event planners will be looking for ways to trim their event budgets and avoid unnecessary spend. But if you’re thinking of axing an event app, you might be heading down the wrong path. Here’s why.

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Event Planners: 5 Reasons Why Hashtags Are Important For Your Events

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Got Hash Tag?

Is an event hashtag something you typically think of early or late in your event planning process? If you’re in the habit doing it two weeks before an event, you might want to think again.

Studies have shown that Tweets with a hashtag get 2x the engagement than those which don’t. So why miss out on helping delegates engage with your conference or event brand and leave it till the last minute? Given today’s marketing is heading towards the direction of being socially driven, it’s probably a good time to reconsider and spend some time at the start to get the hashtag right.

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Start Promoting Your Twitter Hashtag Before Your Conference In 5 Steps

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Rémi Beaupré, Meme Snippets, 2012

So, you’re already using Twitter and you’re wondering how you can best tell your delegates who might not be familiar with Twitter, hashtags and social media. Here’s a quick idea that can not only help you get the message out, but also track how well you’re going, which will give you feedback to help understand whether or not your delegates are keen on social media.

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